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We are a family kennel that was established on June 17, 2009, and is located in Velké Losiny. Our registered name FINEZZA VERA means "TRUE QUALITY" IN Czech. We are members of the Club of Breeders of Few Breeds.

In 2004 we discovered a beautiful massive dignified dog breed - tibetan mastiff (Do-Khyi, Tibetan Mastiff). Tibetan mastiff captivated us with its majesty and wonderful nature. It once protected cattle herds in the Himalayas and Tibet. The breed appeared in Europe in the 19th century and was imported to the Czech Republic only in 1991.

The Tibetan mastiff is a robust dog breed, tenaciously defending the territory it considers its own.

Our dogs

  • ARYS is a red dog - comes from Mi Tsang kennel (import Poland)
  • BORA is a black female with a tan - she comes from the Burberry Kashmire Wen kennel (import Latvia)
  • KIMI is a golden female - comes from Sang Se Sang kennel (import Poland)

They are flawless and meet not only our idea of the Tibetan Mastiff breed, but also the cynological public, which is proven by the show successes.

The aim of our kennel is to create a comfortable environment for our dogs and at the same time to develop a healthy breed of puppies with the typical character of the Tibetan Mastiff breed.

Petr Krňávek

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