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We bought our first dog named ATTILA in 2007 from the Czech kennel Z Kaskay. It was black in color with tan. The dog was classified as a breeding individual. In 2009, we bought two more Tibetan Mastiffs. A black female named USSY, which came from the Czech kennel Bohemia Sirague and a dog named TASHI Zheine, which was imported directly from China. The imported dog was black in color with tan, very beautiful and a boon of new blood for the whole of Europe. Grandson of USSY x TASHI is the 2014 World Champion Grand Lioness Ju Akbar. 

n April 2013, we imported a new female named KANCHANA (Kimi to us), golden color, from Poland from the Sang Se Sang kennel. Kimi is a typical representative of the Tibetan Mastiff not only in exterior, but also in character. Kimi is very successful at shows, which is proven by the results in 2014:

  • In the spring of INTERCANIS in Brno in the youth class V1 CAJC + BOJ.
  • 13/09/2014 at club show in intermediate class - excellent 3; here, at the same time, bonitation took place and she was recognized as a breeding bitch.
  • 25/10/2014 the biggest success so far at the European exhibition in Brno - excellent 4, in very strong competition from exhibitors from Russia.

In the spring of 2017, we imported from Latvia from the Burberry Kashmire Wen kennel female BORA, which is black with tan color. 

The latest addition to our kennel is the dog ARYS, which we imported in March 2021 from the Mi-Tsang kennel from Poland.

Kanchana Sang Se Sang

Bora Burberry Kashmire Wen

Arys Mi-Tsang


Attila Z Kaskay

Ussy Bohemia Sirague

Tashi Zheine

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